for The Protection of The Children


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  Council of Europe - Conseil de l'Europe- HELP Conference

    ICPC Commission had opportunity to join the CoE 2023 HELP Network Conference on 06-07. July in Strasbourg-France. Conference was organized by the Justice and Human Rights Training Division of the Council  of Europe in hybrid format, under auspices of the Latvian Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the                                                                                        Council of Europe

Mrs. Eva Pastrana - Head of Justice and Human          Training Division, Department for the implementation of Human Rights, Justice and                    Legal  Co-operation Standards. 

 CoE HELP  is made up of representatives from          national training institutions for judges and prosecutors and Bar associations of the 46                           Member States and beyond. 

Coe HELP is supported by EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), the Council of Bars               and Law  Societies of Europe (CCBE) 

                           The Council of Europe HELP Network is the only pan-European peer-to-peer human rights training network. 

                     The Open Council of Europe HELP Academic Networks (HELP) - ' OCEAN ' was presented by Prof. Olaf Köndgen 

                                                               please find more information on - OCEAN



          'SOSOE' is a non-governmental, apolitical, non-denominational and non- discriminatory organization, registered by Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Bukavu-Democratic Republic of Congo on 11th November 2012. formed out of great need to help persons whose rights were oppressed, in particular                                                    children and women, with focus on:       

        Protection of the children's rights, Health, Education, Entrepreneurship   


The violations of human rights during the war, in particular of children and women, has very deep repercussions within population, majority of the children remained an orphans. Consequences of the Congolese civilian conflict are catastrophic : lack of water, diseases, one of the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence rates of abused girls and women, malnutrition, destruction of infrastructure, lack of education, flows of refuges, poverty. D.R.Congo is country which shelter the largest number of child solders and women victims of rape. Despite numerous advocacy actions carried out by the President of D.R. Congo and Parliament on free education, unfortunately there are not enough public schools to ensure free education for most of the children. This situation puts children in position of baggers, delinquents, living on the street or trying to work as fishermen, in mines or fields.

With help of 'Children Fund Deutschland' ( Children Fond Germany)  'SOSOE' managed to save hundreds of children, mothers, women who needed help :             

- 2017 - 2018. school; care project and strengthening fishing activity for                                orphans and abended children for 47 girls and 33 boys.   - 2018 - 2019. project for strengthen for 80 orphans.                                       - 2019 - 2020. 74 children completed school activities and get                                                               school diploma.

  - 2020 - 2021. 72 orphans finished school and get diploma.

 - 2021 - 2022.  50 vulnerable children were educated. 

In order to continue helping children 'SOSOE' needs Your                                              help

                   please contact or spread information about 'SOSOE' :             

tel : (+243) 992 954 998   tel ; (+243) 810 983 306  tel : (+243) 976 368 791

Access to water, medicine, primary, secondary and university education have only 22 % of the population. 

                     ICPC Commission is thanking 'SOSOE'                               and Mr. Walpole Abedi M'Massa on invitation for Cooperation 

                                                                                                                   contact us :                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

      ' Theodor Fliedner Foundation'- Deutschand

     Commission would like to thank for the opportunity of contributing one copy of icon to therapy working center for persons with            special needs. Commission wishes 'Theodor Fliedner Foundation' many more years of successful work in favor of persons which            need our attention the most and hope that users of Foundation services will gain comfort and support in presents of this holy icon.

" When Theodor Fliedner took his first pastorate, he was moved by the needs of people in the ministry for whom no one left responsible. Touched by what he saw, Theodor Fliedner with his family laid foundation stone for the 'Diakonenanstalt Duisburg'  in 1844. from which current Foundation emerged from. Foundation gave itself mission statement in awareness of history and basis of the Christian faith. It is guideline for Foundation work and togetherness in an open dialogue in all directions. Foundation diaconal action is Foundation way of expressing the Christian faith. Bringing people in contact with the love of God and making it possible to experience it in their lives has been an unchanged mission from the beginning.  Foundation pursue this mission with mutual respect and mindfulness in order to create and maintain a vibrant corporate culture. Foundation have 2 600 employes and is there for people nationwide, committed to help the elderly, children and young people, persons with disabilities, psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as training, researching  and teaching."


                                                             HUMAN TRAFFICKING ON INTERNET 

Human trafficking have been increased with using internet platforms, social networks, media channels, online marketplace sites and                 free-standing webpages for attracting and recruiting victims. To protect your loved ones and your-self follow safety tips                                                                                                                'How to stay safe online ' on :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

   Children of Nigeria            


    Is humanitarian organization which strive to provide educational access for children of          Nigeria who unfortunately live in poverty.  

Sadabi Foundation believe that education is a cornerstone for better future, healthier nation, that hope and equal opportunity should be                                  given to all children.     

Establishing primary and secondary schools in various regions of the country would help children to, for start, remain in school and as all other children in the world  become self-reliant adults able to eradicate poverty from society.

                              please visit :


Commission is thanking to Mr. Omar Ado-Ibrahim one of Founders and Trustee                                 of 'Sadabi Foundation' for his kind cooperation.

Commission is looking forward to your help and suggestions in order of join help to children of                                                                                            Nigeria

Commission is thanking Mrs.Eva Pastrana and department for                                               support.

         Council  of  Europe's 


  'HELP' is "Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals"                   Program of Council of Europe. One of courses :                               'Hate speech'-crime has been developed with              ~OSCE ( Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe)  ~ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights)  ~FRA     ( Fundamental Rights Agency)

          Council of Europe's  HELP courses are important for                               professionals and for University students .


 'Europe Language Label' - Tempus Foundation

                                              Europe Language Label 2021. Competition coordinated by Europe Commission    

Is recognition which aims to highlight and reward innovative and creative initiatives in the field of language teaching and learning.  It also serves as an incentive to present and disseminate results of these initiatives and to promote improvement of language skills to the general public. The Europe Language Label exist since 1999. The European Commission is in charge of coordinating ELL initiative at Europe level, Europe Center for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe-Graz, Tempus Foundation - Graz, Tempus Foundation-                           Serbia. From June 2021. competition for the Database of Language Practices also exist with in ELL.   

      Tempus Foundation Award Ceremony for ELL and eTwinning national quality label - Belgrade 22.12.2021.           on which five ELL awards and ten Praises were assigned.  

Database of Language Practices exist from June             2021. and Language Internship Database.                Award Commission for ELL was made of :

Nevena Vranes- Ministry of Education, Science and Technology                                                                  Jelena Vicovac-Institute for the Advancement of Education                                                                            Alexandra Malzan- French Institute                                Julia Sapic- Russian Centre for Science and Culture  Cesar Dies Plasa-Institut Cervantes                            Milena Kostic-Tempus Foundation                              


                      Publications of                                Educational Centre- Int. bookshop                                              as part of Awards for Praised works, Commission will be happy to present to                persons with special needs.


                           about event :                 


       Commission is thanking Tempus Foundation and Europe Commission for recognizing needs of                                        disabled persons and is congratulating to all winners of ELL-2021. and Praised platforms.                                             

                          Let us learn together

Council of Europe's  'Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals-HELP' online courses can improve general knowledge not only of professionals but of each person and make Lock down. due to pandemic situation, into well used time. For better understanding,                  for preventing, for protecting vulnerable groups from domestic violence, violence against women and any other kind.


     LOVE         HEALTH

                 FAITH          TRUST

          SAFETY         HOPE              RESPECT         BOND    CARE                       HAPPINESS  

                  F A M I L Y 

One of three women world-wide have experienced violence. Children are often impacted by violence against their mothers, directly                  or indirectly by witnessing it. Violence against women and domestic violence affects all layers of society in terms of general                                                                     well-being, health and safety, productivity and public expenditure.

Every word leaves a mark - Think before you                                                 type!

                                                                              photos-Fb-Block the Hatred-Share the Love

'Block the hatred-Share the love' campaign, is joint initiative of the Europe Union and Council of Europe with purpose of raising                                                        awareness that online harassments is one of main concern in today's digital era.                                                                    Persons with custom of sending hatred massages and online comments public or private, fell detached from that action.                                                                                             Fact is it is other way around, every word count.                                                                                               Cyberbullying, online harassments, hate speech, can seriously affect it receiver's  mental and psychical health, even lead to suicide.                                                              What ever happens in digital world have an impact on physical world.

IT  IS  OTHER  PERSON'S  LIFE  AND  EVERY  WORD  COUNT -                                       THINK  BEFORE  YOU  TYPE !

   Our most distinguish      Member of the Board

      Vladimir Šćekić 

         Vladimir Shchekich

     Vladimir is director of photographic studio "Ivangrad" 

                                   Berane -Montenegro

Vladimir have made possible for enormous number of children                                              to get help.

         His art work is well knowed true whole South Europe.

 Not only that, this brave young man made possible for his fellow citizen to get new life chance. He is creator of many                                humanitarian activities in R. Montenegro.

      Recently one event made strong impression on Vladimir :

   "When I saw father who is desperately holding his son, knowing  that his liver is canceling and want be with him for                 long, I instantly decide to donate him part of my liver ". 

   Operation was performed in Turkey and both man feel fine.

Commission is most proud of having such member

As member and one of the founders of humanitarian org. : "Čojstvo"- "Chojstvo", Vladimir helped in many                                   actions of total rebuilding homes for families in need and lot more. 

           If you can contribute in any way to countless number of humanitarian actions, please contact

                                                                      Vladimir and "Chojstvo".

         "Chojstvo" with Mitropolit of Montenegro - His Eminence Joanikije/ Ioannikius 

Knighthood is still alive and it lives in South Europe                           in Berane-Montenegro

Austrian 'Neuroth' for Deaf Community

          President of 'GOGB'                       and  representor of 'Neuroth'               

On the International Week of Deaf occasion, Austrian Hearing House-'Neuroth' made donation to Deaf Community in form of hearing aids and alarm clocks for hearing impaired persons. For pupils, employees and other deaf and hard on hearing persons, this equipment will help to accomplish every day obligations easily. President of 'GOGB' Dusan Nikolic points that deaf persons face many problems each day and systematically, because their support is not regulated by the Law as                                                            support for other disabled groups is. 

Pediatricians are often warning on fact that listening loud music, video games on headphones,                   loud music in clubs, is one of main reasons for hearing lost for children and teenagers. 

Congratulations to Austrian 'Neuroth' on this humanitarian gesture, we hope that this action will                            inspire other companies to help in their own way to handicapped persons.

                                                                                                                                          01. October 2021.

                                                                                                                            Vielen Dank 'Neuroth'& Herr Schinko - Prof.Pongracz & Kommission

             Parents say -" Thank you Commission "

Report from June 2021. about 13 young girls trapped in a house in the mountains of                                                     East Europe, found great eco.

After Commission informed Human Antitrafficking Agency and police about situation. Police was able to reacted immediately and rescue children. Police informed us that some of this girls were forced to work as prostitutes and others were going to be sold as slaves for house holding work at foreign countries. Several members of gang                     responsible for this criminal act were arrested and going to be on trial.

Receiving information about human slavery existing and being use for making profit anywhere in the world, in this case in Central Europe, is devastating and shameful                                                            for whole human race.

Except " Thank you" note from parents of rescued children, Commission also receive suggestion for discrete handling of this case in order to assure children's safety in the                                      future. which Commission will comply fully.

Commission is thanking all sides involved in rescuing children in this case. We are thanking parents for kind words and wishing all of this families successful and fast                                       recovery from consequences of this brutal event. 

                       President of ICPC-WON Commission- Prof. Dr. Dr. Olaf Pongracz

                                                                                                                   24. September 2021.



            Our small effort - means a lot to someone

                                                                                                                   A   fence in Naples/Italy, have view                                                                                                                                              engraved in Braille for                                                                                                                                                           blind persons use.

Congratulations to inventor of this noble gesture.

                 Sheikh Imran Hosein

                        ' Priority for 'Zakat' should be women with children'

" When I made this statement last year, you wouldn't believe number of women with children who contacted me to say :"Thank you Sheikh for remembering us, because we  were forgotten".                                                                                                                 Women with children who have no one to maintain them and she is struggling , maybe her husband died, so if you have such women in your community and if you have Zakat, reach out for such women and help her, and single women even if she doesn't have children, she is single and she choose to live alone for what ever reason, she is also eligible, help her with Zakat".

('Zakat' ("that which purifies")- mandatory charitable contribution, made annually under Islamic Law on certain kinds of property and used for charitable and religious purposes.)

                We are thanking Mr.M.Abrahams from for all informations and kindness.                                                             Part  from 'Appeal" lecture -

        Sadako Sasaki - 06. August

After surviving bombing of Hiroshima, in 1955. twelve years old Sadako Sasaki was diagnosed with leukemia. Doctor told her that in best case she have one more year to live. Knowing story about one wish being fulfilled to one who make 1 000 origami cranes, Sadako start making paper origami cranes. Some sources say that she made       1 300 cranes, other that she made 644 of them and her friends added up to 1000 and put in her coven to be buried with them. Sadako's last words were : "It is fine".

              Sadako is main character of novel : "Sadako wants to live" by Austrian writer                                                                    Karl Bruckner

                               Hiroshima Peace Day is held each year on 6th August.

Children all over world send paper cranes to be placed under Sadako 's statue, with :

         "This is our cry, This is our prayer,

                  Peace in the world."


         ЊКВ Принцеза Бригита Карађорђевић

           HRH Princess Brigitta Karadjordjevich

HRH Princess Brigitta 's letter of support to Association of Deaf -                R.Serbia.

          HRH Princess Brigitta and HRH Prince Vladimir                                                     Karadjordjevich

                                         With heaving great pleasure in mediation, Commission is                                                                                                                          Hereby :

       Informing that HRH Princess Brigitta Karadjordjevich aceppted to be Patron of Association of                           Deaf and Hard on Hearing of Serbia and all projects this Association is  conducting.

    HRH Princess Brigitta Karadjordjevic have already organized, support, made possible for many humanitarian actions to reach, benefit and achieve positive impact on persons with special needs, their                                                          better life and equal integration in society.

              Dedication towards humanitarian work have very long line in HRH Prince Vladimir's family.

Except HRH Prince Vladimir himself and HRH Princess Brigitta, in great humanitarian work family line, we             also remember one family member who had gentle and strong impact on our hearts :

        HRH Princess Kira Melita Karadjordjevich- mother of HRH Prince Vladimir : 

                                                   ЊКВ Принцеза Кира Карађорђевић   

                HRH Kira Melita Feodora Marie Viktoria Alexandra  Karadjordjevich ( zu Leiningen)

Daughter of HRH Prince Karl VI Prince of Leiningen and Grand Duchess Maria Kirilovna Romanov of Russia.

HRH Princess Kira Karadjordjevich we remember as very discrete in her humanitarian work to which she dedicated great part of her life, especially in one of hardest branches - work with mentally disabled persons.

          Dankeschön.      Спасибо.     Thank You .      Merci.       Grazie.     Gracias.                      

  Commission 's cooperation with Deaf Association of R. Serbia

 Commission is honored to have opportunity to work on improving life of deaf persons, help in achievement of basic human rights of           deaf and hard on hearing  children and adults as well.

Join us please to help Deaf community to achieve their rights of                 being in category of persons with sensor disabilities. 


We unfortunately can not help them to recover their hearing,

       but we can help them in recovering their dignity.

                                                                                                  contact us :


                         Your Support                        Please help deaf persons in achieving their                            human rights

              with no financial or any other kind of obligations, just moral support 

                                 send us filled letter of support :


        Children of American Indians 

'With all things and in all things we are relatives'                                                                         -Sioux

"Let us put our minds together and see what life                     we can make for our children"                                                                                  -Sitting Bull-

 "We will be known forever by the tracks we                                     leave"  - Dakota


                 Heatstroke is one of leading causes of                                       non-crash-related fatalities among children. 

           Thank 's to kind NHTSA Response Team , for more informations visit :

              "Child of earth"

This huge sculpture of giant baby- 15m long and 9m high was created by Dong Shubing. Baby sculpture 'sleeps' in Guangzhou, Gansu Province in Northwest of China, with intention to protect it's mother nature, because all the people are                                                               children of the Earth.

              Children with special  needs - Kiev

Center for Social and Psychological Assistance " Obolon'/'Оболоі' have 123 children from 3 - 15 years , some of them are orphans. Center also work with autistic kids. Center planed to equip a room for medical rehabilitation, speech therapist, Psychologist. Center is in constant need for : liquid soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, diapers. Orphanage also needs dishwasher. Address :

 Polar str. 7a - Kiev / Полярна 7а

 phone no. : +380 44 464 20 21

For learning and mental development children need : 

-Constructor games 

- 3D puzzles - 

- Lego   

Volunteers who could help paint children rooms and living space are always welcome. 

                 If you can help, please contact : 


                                          or :

                                      In Kiev :

            "Baby" / 'Маляатко' : +380 44 430 11 25 

           'Binweed' / 'Берізка' : +380 44 513 45 83  

 India -Children who lost their parents to reasons          for and other than COVID will receive help

The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal to provide financial help to children below age of 18 years who lost      both parents or aider parent or guardian due to Covid-19.          Government spokesman said all this children will be provided                                         with financial help.

                                                                                Fb. : india tv news

Commission could help


A great achievement for the International  Commission for the Protection of the Children ICPC-WON- freeing 13 young girls which where trapped in a abandoned house in East-Europe recently. The International Commission for the Protecting of the Children  ICPC-WON, received an information from a reader of our Website. He described the location and how to find this hidden house in the woods. We are not able to name the source of information for security reasons.  Commission informed the national police immediately and  police unit surrounded the hidden house in the mountains. All young girls from 7 to 16 years old, were freed unharmed. Police told us that no gunfire was necessary.

Police report says that the young girls where forced to work as prostitutes in Italy, Germany and some in Austria. Police reported that all of these girls are safe and back with their families. Seven members of international gang responsible for this criminal action,  where arrested and expect a trial.

June 2021

Aborigines say that we are all just visitors in this time,  in this place, on Earth.


Than let's do something while we are here. 

Your Commission

"Show them what you        can do in field"

Shay Dunster nine-year old boy from South Wales, a passionate and gifted rugby player, almost left his favorite sport after other team members accused him of losing game due to his disability. Thanks to family who supported him, little boy was born without forearm, he continued to play. Participated in rugby union festival in Cardiff, Shay scored 11  points and won title of " Best Player of Tournament."

As guest of morning program of British television, from his favorite player Sein Williams, Shay received message :

 "I know how it is when they tell you - you can 't do something, but best way to shut their mouths is to show them what you can do in the field,"                                                                                                            



   Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovich

                            prof.dr. Velimir Abramović

    No one could tell exactly, but approximately in the middle of                                           last century,

RACE for understanding the work of Nikola Tesla and getting to                                         it first-begin.                                                 

World's best knower of Tesla's work, life, mind, heart and soul is  Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovich.

             To all Children

Book about Tesla's childhood describe among other things, events and characters which many years latter will be triggers for Tesla's unrepeatable patents and discoveries. One of these                                      characters was his cat :

"When I stroked my cat, noticed that my hand is causing sparkles later, I saw something similar to the halo of the saint shining around my cat, I wondered than what it was is the world a giant cat? Almost eighty years have passed, I still wander what                                                 is it".

To all children from Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovich- to   be curies, daring , brave, observing like Tesla was                                    as  a  child :

         Member of the Board

      Анастасйя Михаиловская

                Anastasia Mihailovskaja

                                     Anastasia is journalist - war correspondent. 

      Success in journalist carrier is equal to success in humanitarian work. See for your self :

Anastasia does not support  numerous number of humanitarian actions by sending like from phone,                                but  she is always giving her heart, time, strength, herself to help children. 

                                                                  Unfortunately :

For over six years of war in Donbass, according to UN monitoring mission : 147 children were killed, 98 b0ys and 49 girls, 363 children were injured.

За 6 лет войны на Донбассе, по данным мониторинговой миссии ООН погибили 147 детей-                                                    98 малычиков и  49 девочек. Были ранены 363 ребенка.

                                 One of main problems is lack of basic medicines for children :

"Thanks to Anastasia Mihailovskaja who constantly helps disabled children in city of Gorlovka extended medical treatment. at the moment parents can not pay expensive drugs.

Maxim 6 years old, who's mom can get job because constant care is necessary and father doesn't receive salary for long time, is seriously ill. Thank you Anastasia for providing assistance in order to Lokotov family from Yenkiyevo get food.

Thank you Anastasia for providing permanent assistance for families with disabeled children in Horlovka.

Thank you Anastasia for providing help for disabled child Nikolaj Kapralov and his family.

Thanks to Anastasia and "Russian spring" seriously sick children were helped with necessary medicine.

                                                        ......... and many, many more ........

                           If you can, please

          help children suffering from cancer.

                                                                     contact Anastasia

                                                                                                                                                                     July 2020.

           Brave Ahmed Mahmud

Ahmed Mahmud 13 years old from Egypt went on a biggest trip of his life. His brother is ill from blood composition disorder- thrombocytopenia. Ahmed took all of his brother medical documents describing condition of his illness and boarded on ship which was smuggling people from Alexandria. When arrived in Italy, Ahmed explain to police of Lampedusa : "I am here to find help, I want to save my brother and continue to play with him". Officer Maria Volpe said that she never heard that someone risk his life over Mediterranean to save his brother. Officer Volpe took Ahmet from Lampedusa to Empedocles. 

      Government of R. Italy decided to help Ahmed and his family with taking care of all costs of medical 

                             treatment for Ahmed's brother and family staying during treatment.


             This little boy

This little boy, who spend several stays in abandoned orphanages, in 1907. will be placed in Karnofsky family which emigrated from Lithuania to New Orleans. This little boy who knows nothing else but misery and violence, learns for the first time from this Jewish family benefits of kindness and tenderness. Ester Karnofsky sings him lullabies which he will carry with him through his life and Moris Karnofsky helps him to buy his first musical instrument. This little boy will never forget that this Jewish family was trigger for his success-he emphasizes latter in his memories. He become a trumpet player. This little boy was called                             Satchmo and we know him as Louis Armstrong.

          With love for our children we can do all,

 as this French dad Jean-Luis Constanza did for his                                         son   

"One day Oscar said to me : Dad, you're robotic engineer, why don't you make me a robot that would                                                                                allow  me to walk"?

                                                Oscar Constanza-16 is user of wheelchairs.

So dad did. "Robot, stand up"- Oscar issue order and slowly but surely a large frame strap to his body, lifts him up and he starts walking. Ten years from now  it is expected that there will be no wheelchairs.


Commission's cooperation with parent Association 

                 "Missing Babies of Belgrade"                 

    Missing babies

Commission for the Protection of the Children

made Cooperation with association of parents whos babies have been missing :

"Missing babies of Belgrade"

It is association of " unhappy parents" who have been filing reports for the theft of their newborn children since 1950's and it is estimated that more than 20 000. cases have been reported to this day. Number of those how didn't file report, for varies reasons, is consider to be same. Parents testified that they have been told usually, that newborn baby died instantly or day after was born. Since it is not permitted to see desist baby, parents doubt that their children are still alive and living else were.

Association is hoping that legal mechanism could help in preventing such cases and parents doubts or conviction that their newborn are still alive, For this matter, Association requested adoption of 'Lex specialties' that will apply only on missing babies and introduction of video surveillance in all maternity hospitals.

If you can contribute in way of legal assistance, sharing experience or suggestions,

please contact :

 In France APF is currently working on Leka- robot who will stimulate awaking of children disabilities.It is inovativ robot made to capture attention and interact with children/people with disabilities. Robot will be developt by APF Enterprisses. Great project for for improving daily life of persons with disabilities.

Leka -un robot pour les enfants an situatio                          de handicap

APF France handicap travaille actuellement sur Leka, un robot pour stimuler l'eveil des enfants en situation de handicap. Leka est un robot innovation concu pour capter l'attentio n  et interagi r avec des enfants present ant des troubles du developpement (autisme, polyhandicap, trisomie, ....) Couple a une application enriche tours les mois, il permet de travailler des competences ciblees, comme les interactions sociales et les capacites cognitives, ainsi que la motricite fine et globale grace que la motricite fine et globale grace a des stimulations sensorielles Lumieres, colorees, vibrations, sons, ...). Plus largement, Leka eville la curisite et encourage l'enfant a rester engage dans une activite.

Le robot sera integralement developpe et assemble par APF Entreprises.

Un beau project qui concretise notre volonte decontibuer a l'amelioration du quotidien des                personnesen situation de handicap a travers l'innovation.     


          Commission cooperation with                           OSMTH-Austria

OSMTH-Austria is very successful in organizing humanitarian actions of all different kinds, in this case providing founds for medicine equipment for disabled children in Austria, managing procurement and                                          transport of medicines needed for children of South America.

     OSMTH-Austria is an autonomous Grand Priory within OSMTH United Nations Non-Governmental                                                    Organization, registered in Geneva/Switzerland : 

                                       Swiss Federal Registry Number CH-660.1.972.999-4                                  

OSMTH  is focused on charitable activities, international advocacy, matters of human rights, religious                         freedom, cultural conservation, humanitarian aid for all citizens of the world. 

Thank you OSMTH- Austria,

    we are looking  forward to many          more future humanitarian activities. 

Very special thanks to the Grand Prior of OSMTH-Austria : H.E. Hannes Ludwig for his efficiency, kindness                              and  for representing knightly culture on every step of cooperation.

K  I  Z  U  N  A 

          K I Z U N A 

In Japanese, KIZUNA means a lasting bond between people, a friendship or a close relationship based on mutual trust and support. In recent times, KIZUNA is used in the broadest sense of the word CONNECTION and encourages a sense of solidarity and serves as basic force for overcoming difficulties. Consequently, KIZUNA, which is grown among world countries, has the power of                     deepening  cooperation for better future.

We are hoping that Commission for the Protection of the Children and all it supporters and recipients of Commission's help, will be            forever bonded with in terms which KIZUNA represents.

Official Magazine of Government of Japan is named Kizuna and is                     in  way of this term, linking Japan with the world


                           Idea for making Sign language platform come out of great but for most population invisible need.

People who are born deaf or with hearing damage or become deaf are using sign language as their native one. Community of people with hearing disabilities (70 000 000 in the world) is large and usually marginalized. In most South European countries, hearing disability is not recognized as handicap by the Law. This fact makes life of deaf people very hard and complicated. They don't have social help and are not able to find suitable job. In past society mostly treat them as mentally retarded for lack of ability to communicate with them. This group of people work very hard on their way to be accepted and recognized by the rest of population. After II W.W. organized in large groups to give equal contribution in building new conditions for a better future. In return they got opportunity to work on farms as field workers, as tool repairers in special fabric made for deaf people, eventually as preparing graphic leathers for printing newspapers. All of this firms were sold to private buyers during transition of South Europe leaving deaf to manage on their own. Since usually one parent does not work to able to support and take care of deaf child, these families are mostly humble social status. They are not in position to engage official sign language translator for daily activities such as: visiting doctor, have law advice, getting any ordinary information related to daily life.

                                                                      Among all this inabilities one stands up highly,

Deaf people are not able to participate church services, to have proper confession after which communion follows or any kind of spiritual guide. Priest are not familiar with sign language; deaf people can read religious text but are not able to understand them and so on...

Simple said, if Your priest would hold service in Aramaic (language of Jesus Christ) and all literature printed same, if You would like to confess or ask for spiritual advice and You are not speaking Aramaic, how would it feel? If Holy Quran would be available only in Arabic. How would it feel? If Judaism is available only in Hebrew. How would members of this religious communities feel? Rejected-yes, disappointed-yes, with all eyes steering at You wondering are You mentally ill. Could person feel like member and excepted-believe not.

                                                                             Now let's see

Ferdinand de Sosir (Swiss linguist who founded modern linguistic and give foundation to Europe structuralism) consider language as a system of signs-"like deaf people language", every expression-is hand make movement, face gesture-have some meaning, semiology (sign science) is base for linguistic discipline. Accordingly, to Sosir, "egg is older than chicken"

In 19th century creator of general linguistic was Wilhelm von Humbot according to whom language is untouchable, exist only in mind of speaker, it is abstract and exist to give possibility of expressing our thoughts.

Seems that it is our duty as civil society to help deaf people. If not possible to have better social conditions and express their thoughts at least in church life    Platform base for sign language in church:

                                     Base of platform for Sign language in religious communities :

-Organizing sign language classes for priests, mufti, rabbis, who are willing to do their missionary work among deaf/hard on hearing persons.

-Making at least one church, mosque, synagogue, center in country(depending on need) so deaf persons could be able to have confession, community and spiritual or any other kind of religious guide.

-Make YouTube channel for this purpose, so deaf specially children would be able to get used to service in sign language, if possible channel should be international.

Proposal have been accepted by Administration for Cooperation with Churches and Religious Communities- in frame of Ministry of Justice, Christian Church, Jewish Community of Serbia and Islamic Community of Serbia, who are all willing to educate their religious representatives in sign language:

-To make between religious dialog and getting to know each other religion and culture in purpose of making better understanding and future for all persons, especially children.


Made by Vice-President of the Commission 

Daliborka Radosavljevich


                      Platform for Sign languages in religious communities gave wonderful result :

                  All together for the children

  Sign language proposal have been accepted by Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious communities

             Thank you for having understanding for needs of deaf and heard on hearing persons

 Commission is thanking to :

      The Rabbi of Serbia Mr. Isak Asiel, from Islamic Community of Serbia to Mufty Mr. Abdullah Nu'man 

and from Serbian Orthodox Church to Presbyter father Oliver Subotich 

for their help, support and recognizing needs of deaf, hard on hearing persons. 

                               U  N   I   T   Y

                                                                                    American Sign language alphabet 

  Association of Deaf- Serbia have around 14 000 deaf ,with hard on hearing and with hard damages-                        around 180 000 persons.

                      Happy Eid 

Commission would like to thank to Mrs. Belma Herco Asceric for most kind and efficient help and cooperation and is looking for many more in the future. 

                                  Sign language is not  familiar to most of the people, this fact often make wrong public conclusions.

                         For children of the Caribbean

 To be able to grow healthy and free, children have to know nature.                               

        Commission 's

                                 Very special

          Member of the Board

         Roman Tolic

                          Father of a beautiful daughter,             

      Roman is an independent film director, producer and innovator who has worked for 30 years in film and television           industry. He initiated numerous nationally and internationally awarded media and education projects (ORF Goes to School, CLIP 2000, etc.). From 2006 to 2009 he was the president of the Association of Content Industries. Since       2011 he is an Expert Innovation of the United Nations                  Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

     Through whole his carrier, Roman was always engaged          in helping, protecting and making better life conditions 

                                    for the children.

                            For children of New York.

    Roman's effort in organizing staying, learning new skills, breading fresh air, connecting with and in the                                         nature, passing on culture and manners of knighthood 

                                        are worthy of title Count of Nature or nature Count.

      It seems that all misunderstandings, all discrimination are caused by ignorance, lack of will for better understanding and fear of unknown. 

          BBC reports about this unusual story :

Rizicat was born with blue rare eyes. Although no one in her family have such color of eyes, she and her daughters do. During school she had to do various tests because the environment thought that her eyes are not normal. Rizicat says her husband kicked her and children out of house because of pressure from the community which believes that they are cursed. 

Girls are often been object of marking at school, other children pointing finger and laughing at them are calling them witches.

They now live in her parents home. Husband claims that he didn't expel them because of color of their eyes but because of wife's dissatisfaction

Is it possible that this beautiful eyes are               cause for discrimination.



Nigeria Embassy
H.E. The Ambassador Mrs. Vivian N.R. Okeke Vienna

Your highly esteemed excellence,

terrible news landed on our desk, 317 young girls kidnapped by armed terrorists at the Goverment Secondary School at the city of Jangebe. We, the International Commission for the Protection of Children, fear that the kidnapped girls will be sold as slaves or put in the prostitute business.

We, the Commission, hope indeed that the highly esteemed Government of Nigeria will carry out every necessary actions to free these girls as soon as possible. We do hope indeed we will be informed by press that the actions of the esteemed Government of Nigeria are successful and triumphant.

We use this opportunity to express our highest consideration and respect to the highly esteemed Embassy of Nigeria.

Prof.Dr. Olaf Henry Frank Pongacz Count of Szentmiklos et Ovar President of the International Commission for the Protection of Children -W.O.N.

March 2021

One of the empty classes in high school in northwestern Nigeria, after 300 high school girls were abducted in July 2021. (by AFP).      In February 2021, 300 high school girls were abducted by gunmen who attacked school, presumably for to demand ransom-                 as reported by news agencies France Press (AFP) and Reuters.                                                                


On  5. July, 34 children had been released or fled. Kidnappers allegedly demanded  1 200 $ for each child. 

                                                                                c.r.- "Danas"

     "There are two things children should get from                         their parents : routs and wings ".

                  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

        Nordrhein-Westfalen schöne                             Landschaften

   Beautiful landscapes of North Rhine-Westphalia                                   Germany

Each day, one tree 12m high, absorbs from earth about 190l of dissolved minerals. Tree lifts this mixture to the top of canopy.

After lifting mixture to the top, tree releases quantity of oxygen enough to cover around 1 700m3 of surface.

                        North Rhine-Westphalia is proud owner of beautiful hills rivers and woods.                                         As in many other parts of world, something is happening with our woods and our precious trees.                 Engineer Mr. G.M. often says : " What I exhale-tree inhale. What tree "exhale"- I inhale. Tree and me,                                                                            we are best friends."                                                            

Since German medical health have excellent and very developed section for helping persons with                   psychological difficulties/issues and many other organizations involved in helping of achieving independent life, full social integration, involving in it personal assistants as well, we are thanking to all this high conscience Organizations for being able to get this beautiful photos of one of their users help.                 Our artist photographer D.M.M. work as Ergo-therapist and  is making photos as hobby. Living totally independent and integrated family life with help of all persons involved in this program. Thank You D.M.M.                        for this beautiful photos, best luck to Your colleges and You in future work.

               Save our trees for our children.

 " If women would put their hands down - sky would fall."

                                                                             an African folk proverb

      Honorable Member of the Board 

Vice-President of Commission D. Radosavljevich, to honored Prof. N.Kostich, wrote her poem : "Hope"

( Nada means - Hope )

                          Thirty years of pray

Writing an article about  Mr. Morris Finberg who for 30 years pray in front of  'West wall' in Jerusalem, CNN journalist Rebecca Smith asked him what did he pray for. Mr. Finberg explain that he was praying for end of wars, hatred, for children to be able to grow into responsible adults and be able to love each other, no mater to which religion, which nation, which race they belong

            "How do you feel after 30 years of such pray?"

                     "Like I was praying to a wall."

                                                        Confession of divorced parents child :

 Dad got new family, mum got new husband,

               I  found  myself  totally alone.

Today I am fine. 

Was asked many times: What happened, were there violence in the family? Couldn't answer. No one attacked no one with knife but you could cut tension  with it.                                                       I was nine before my parents divorced. Loved going with mum on her coffee with friends, playing cards with her. Loved when my dad took my to football game. Loved going together on weekends, when I stayed in bed to long watching  and then they would pool me out of it laughing together.                                         One day, dad moved out. He didn't say good buy to me.               Mum cried for days, saying it's better that way because he left us for some  flounder. I didn't know what flounder is. Meet him after three month, hated him. Hated him because he left us, because mum was crying, because he was flunder, because ...

..... he was not there physically and mum didn't seem to be at all. Only thing mum wanted to talk about, was how dad cheated on her. She claimed that dad isn't interested in me, that he will have new family. Years later. dad claimed that he constantly wanted to see me, but mum didn't allow and treat that she will give all his business papers to police if he try to come close. I don't know what is the trout, it is not important, like I wasn't. Than 7 years of court proceedings, various social workers, psychologists Mum said that dad beat me when was small and I should tell that to psychologist. Didn't remember that, he slept me once when I run from school and no one knew where am I. Was seeing my dad periodically, he would came in front of my school but I would tell him to go. He didn't give up but wasn't persistent neither. I saw on Facebook that he get new son. He would call me sometimes to go to football game, I refuse. Mum was mad on him for years. At least once a week she gossip about him, if we would fight - gossiping about dad would always bring us close again. Once she suggested me to go to my dad for weekend. She finally had boyfriend. Was mad, she left me too. It was to much for me. I was hospitalized on psychiatry on several occasions. Also did some things on which I am not proud now. I had nothing to lose. Was destroying myself for four years. Father maintained some contact but was scared. Mother was broken again and keep repeating how could I do that to her, now when she was finally happy. I save my self when I moved. Of them both. He had new family, she had new husband, I was alone. Now, years later, through psychotherapy I have good relationship with both. I love them, they are my parents, are we close-no. I feel little guilty because of my father, what I said and done to him. I am fine now.                                                                         One day, I want to take my son on football games, to tickle him when he stay in bed too long, to walk, talk with him .....                                                                                                                                                                     In choice of his mother, most important thing will be : Is that person who, if it comes to divorce, could raise child with out destroying it life.


                       M O N K     N I K I T A

                For children of South America

  Member of the Board

         Jeromonah  Nikita

In Argentina, city of Venado Turto/Santa Fe, our Father Nikita along with monastery brothers organized gendering for children from foster homes. Children were happy with presents and help which they received, but mostly they say with attention and kindness they get from monks. Father Nikita is in Chile now, building monastery dedicated to Holy Trinity.

               Ordained by

      Mitropolit of Montenegro

      His Eminence  Amfilohije

Unglaubliches Kinderleid in 


Mitten in Europa, mitten in Deutschland wird ein unglaubliches Kinderleid bekannt. Hunderte Kinder aus der ehemaligen DDR sind davon betroffen.

Was war gesehen: kurz vor und nach der Wende in Deutschland verließen duzende Frauen die ehemalige DDR und setzten sich in die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ab und hinterließen einfach ihre Kinder ihrem Schicksal ohne ihnen zu sagen, was los ist und warum die Mutte weg muss. Diese standen nun allein da, ohne zu wissen warum und auch wohin.

Ein Jammer ohne Ende. Teilweise wurden diese Kinder, verschiedenen Alters, in Kinderheimen untergebracht. Eine kamen bei Verwandten unter, etliche fanden Adoptiveltern, die sich sehr um die verlassenen Kinder kümmerten und ihnen auch Ausbildung finanzierten. Diese Kinder, die teilweise schon erwachsen sind, suchen noch heute ihre leiblichen Mütter oder Väter.

Eine menschliche Tragödie die seinesgleichen sucht. Die Commission for Protection of the Children will helfen, die Tragödie zu mindern. Verständigen Sie uns, wir helfen.


Februar 2021

                                              Newly established Commission, Vienna/Austria 2019.

                                                        Hon. Prof. Pongracz - Mrs. Radosavljevich

                                                Nasza  hrabina :

   Honorary Vice-President

     Countess Christiane von Krejca

Countess von Krejca's devotion towards humanitarian work and protecting of the                      children is enormous and existing in most discrete way.

Being born in proud Poland, living in Austria and Italy, gave Countess von Krejca

                                                 true cosmopolitan spirit.

Countess von Krejca is speaking Polish, German, English, French and Italian                                                                        language.

Countess von Krejca is supporting work of Commission in most devoted way

                                    and is true pearl of our Commission.

    President of the Commission for the    Protection of the Children ICPC-WON

                      contact e-mail :                       

                   Prof. Dr. hc. Dr. phil.

      Olaf Henry Frank Count Pongracz de                        Szentmiklos et Ovar

                                                       Born in Berlin-Germany

                          as son of Heinz Count Pongracz and Adolfine von Stoppe.

-Academy of journalism in Hameln-Germany.

-Editor of the St .Peter publishing company in Salzburg-Austria. Publisher of descriptions of sacral buildings in Austria.

-Studying Political science at Bradford University, Pasadena-California, now Department of Berkeley University.

-Doctor of Political Science.

-Reuters correspondent in Cairo-Egypt.

-Head of Public relations department of Union of Styrian Industries and Commerce (OeWB) 1968-69.

-Editor- Chief of newspaper The Styrian Commerce.

-Manager and Chairman of the board of Governmental award "Art by photography"-

-Appointed as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Costa Rica for the Provinces of Styria and Carinthia. Exequatur ZI.87650 Prot/72 BM f.AA.

-Employment on free-lance basic for the Austrian Army.

-Honorary citizenship of city Leoben-Styria.

-Appointed as Consul General and Ambassador extraordinary of the Republic Costa Rica, both appointments with exequatur and Agreement of the President of the Republic of Austria.

-Appointed as ad hoc Ambassador for several international conferences

Exequatur ZI.34.09.31/I-I.I/77 BM f. AA-

- Appointed as sworn expert of the High Court for the Province of Styria and Carinthia for video, photographic and allied equipment with official title "Kommerzialrat"

-Appointed as Commander of Merit of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem-Franch Obidience

-Appointed as member of the Board of Austrian-Tunesian Society.

-Appointed as member of the Board of the Austrian-European Committee at Strasbourg-France.

-Appointed as Vice-President of Save the Children Found Austria.

-Appointed to the Board of the " Aid for the relisted prisoners"

at the Landesgericht for Strafsachen in Graz, Austria.

-Appointed as Commander of the Brazilian Order of Sao Paulo Apostolo in recognition of supporting children in need in Brazil.

-Appointed to the Board of MINIMUNDUS at Klagenfurt, Austria, Province of Carinthia. Minimundus is the third largest tourism attraction in Austria (number of visitors).

-Served as Charge d'Affaires for the Republic of Costa Rica in Kingston, Jamaica (eight months)

-Appointed as president of SPERICAL OLYMPICS AUSTRIA; this organization manages sports for mentally handicapped people. I managed the participation of these athletes at the games in Glasgow, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Schladming/Austria, Salzburg, Squaw Valley and many others.

-Appointed as Kommerzialrat by the High Court for Civil Affairs in Graz, Austria

-Decorated with "Great Sliver Star" of the Province of Styria, Austria (third highest decoration)

-Appointed as Grand Commander for the Province of Styria by the Order of St. Lazarus

-Founder of AID FOR ELDER PEOPLE, a division of the Order of St. Lazarus Honorary Doctorate in Intercultural Relations from the University of Benson, Arizona, USA.

-Appointed as member of the Board of Austrian-Tunesian Society.

-Appointed as member of the Board of the Austrian-European Committee at Strasbourg-France.

-Appointed as Vice-President of Save the Children Found Austria.

-Appointed to the Board of the " Aid for the relisted prisoners"

at the Landesgericht for Strafsachen in Graz, Austria.

-Appointed as Commander of the Brazilian Order of Sao Paulo Apostolo in recognition of supporting children in need in Brazil.

-Appointed to the Board of MINIMUNDUS at Klagenfurt, Austria, Province of Carinthia. Minimundus is the third largest tourism attraction in Austria (number of visitors).

-Served as Charge d'Affaires for the Republic of Costa Rica in Kingston, Jamaica (eight months)

-Appointed as president of SPERICAL OLYMPICS AUSTRIA; this organization manages sports for mentally handicapped people. I managed the participation of these athletes at the games in Glasgow, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Schladming/Austria, Salzburg, Squaw Valley and many others.

-Appointed as Kommerzialrat by the High Court for Civil Affairs in Graz, Austria

-Decorated with "Great Sliver Star" of the Province of Styria, Austria (third highest decoration)

-Appointed as Grand Commander for the Province of Styria by the Order of St. Lazarus

-Founder of AID FOR ELDER PEOPLE, a division of the Order of St. Lazarus Honorary Doctorate in Intercultural Relations from the University of Benson, Arizona, USA.

-Appointed to the chair as President of the Austrian-Maltese Chamber of Commerce at Vienna, Austria.

-Succeeded in bringing the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (ecumenical obedience) into the Assembly of the United Nations Economical and Social Council (ECOSOC)

-Grand - Prior of the Grand - Priory, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic of the Order of Malta

-Became Honorary Canadian Citizen (Feb 13rd 2005)


-Grand Cross of Maltese Order, Grand Star in Gold of Maltese Order

-Carolus medal in bronze, Carolus medal in gold, Carolus Grand Cross, Grand distinction with star of the Order of St. Lazarus, Royal Scotch medal of Honour of the Netherlands, Medal of Honour Styria and Carinthia and many others.


-German, English, knowledge of Italian, Spanish, Hungarian and Flemish.

M E M B E R S H I P S  ( C L U B S )

-International Consular Crops San Jose/Costa Rica/ America Central.

-Burgenlaendische Landsmannschaft, Herrenrunde Friedrich des Grossen (Round-Table of King Federic the Great) of Berlin/ Prussia

-Old Roman and Greek history, old Red-Indian culture in Latin-America, clay-bird shooting, hiking

C V   P U B L I S H E D   I N :

-Who is who in Austria 1998

-Who is who in the world 1983, 1984, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1995

-World Profiles: 1995

-International Register of Profiles, Edition VI

-Cosmopolitan University Network "Some of our Researchers/Professors"

                                                                                   F A M I L Y

                                                                Father of two sons and daughter.

                 Die renovierte Strecno, an der Waag gelegen, ehem. Sitz die Familie Pongracz.

         Refurbished remains of the Stecno castle on river Van, former seat of the Pongracz family.

Accept humanitarian work, Pongracz family gave to society one of  the Saints of Roman-Catholic Church

                        St .Stephen Pongracz : 

 St. Stephen Pongracz 1582-1619

                  St. István Pongrácz

Scion of the Hungarian nobility was born in 1582 in the castle of Alvincz in Transylvania. After classical studies in his native land and in the Jesuit college in Cluj, he entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus in Brno in 1602. He then continued his philosophical studies in Prague and theological in Graz. Ordained priest he was sent as prefect of studies and aboveall as a preacher to the college of Humenne - todays Slovakia. In 1619 he was sent to Košice as a military chaplain of the imperial Hungarian troops and the few Hungarian Catholic civilians.

When Prince of Transylvania Gabor Bethlen began war against emperor in early 1619, by the Bohemian- Bethlen agreement, massive migrations began and many find asylum in Austria, Poland, Hungary.

Košice was besieged by the army of George I Rákoczi. The Governate of Košice was betrayed by his mercenaries and handed over to Rákoczi, together with three priest who were his guests on 5. September 1619.

Rákoczi 's council opposed total extermination of city population but three priests suited for revange. On September 7. at night, torture of priests began by the soldieres of Rákoczi.

Križevčanin was beheaded after the first tortures. Beheaded a little later Grodziecki.

                                                    Pongrácz suffer longer.

                            At the time of martyrdom he was 37 years old.

Suspended with head down, burned with torchers until bowels exit. Believed to be dead, next morning he was thrown with bodies of his companions into a drain, where he spent another 20 hours praying all the time. Murder of innocent victims aroused population, however funerals were forbidden. The burial of the bodies took place 6 month later ( relics were placed in church in Trnava for that time).

Although beatification of three priest began 1628, they were finally beatified on 15.                                                          January by H.H.Pope Pius X 

              and canonized in Košice on 2. July 1995 by H.H.Pope John Paul II.

                       Feast day of these three martyrdoms is 7. September

    ( they are also celebrated on 19. January- day of Martyrs of Reformation in Europe)