Why International Commission for the

                   Protecting of the Children?

Teenage valiance has been increase from 40% to at least 75% and dropped in starting from age 16 to age of 11 years. Almost every child experience violence on internet social network which unfortunately often leads to depression, use of alcohol, cigarettes and even suicide.

One million of children yearly are sold by slave traders and suffers partly prostitution and child pornography.

Approximately up to 1,5 millions of children suffers forced in labor.

Between 2001 and 2006 more than 100,000 children soldiers have been demobilized.

8,000 young girls are victims of genitals mutilations daily worldwide in 28 nations of Africa and Middle East where this act is more or less normal.

Number of children suffering from cancer in unfortunately rising every year.

This terrible facts and lot more happens not only at faraway, overseas countries, no it happens in our neighborhood, our city, region or state, de facto nearby.

To solve this problem takes time. This is not an obligation for some months or years, no it is an obligation for decades.

We have the obligation and we are required to take part in combat against this horrible actions and to push through the international rights of children.

We know every step is important and is a step closer in bringing children to a happier and safer future.

Now we have approximately 41 organizations as supporters and numerous individuals which is quite a good beginning.

We had a good impact in the Balkan in the past. Our Vice-President Daliborka Radosavljevic spread a good network of supporters in all areas. People are very interested in working together on this matter and in the process to establish networks in Danube region. 

We need more organizations especially in North America as well as Latin America, Africa and Asia.                         Therefore we invite you to join us in the battle for a better world in peace and safety.

                                 We ask you for cooperation and exchange of information.

                              We do not ask for membership fee, we ask for your support only.